PA 23cm box


Power amplifier, aluminum case, based on 2 x MRFE6S9160HS.

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Power amplifier (PA) designed to amplify the signals from radio stations in the amateur radio range 1280 — 1300 MHz. It is not a source of electromagnetic vibrations and does not interfere with the reception of FM stations, TV, GSM, WiFi and other devices.

Application area
Designed for use as a component of the transmitting part of an amateur radio station (amateur radio) when working with weak signals., including EME (EME QSO).

RF Range 1280 – 1300 MHz
Output power (JT65, FM) 300 Watt
Output power (CW, SSB) 320 Watt
Supply Operation AC 230/110 V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 87 x 279 x 305 mm
Weight 6 kg